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We Can Help If Your Dog Pullsonthelead Doesn’treturnwhencalled  Ignoresyouorhasnofocus Isoutofcontrol Refusestositorlaydown Actsaggressively Afraidofplaces,peopleetc

‘Dogs and their training - our passion’

What We Do

NDTS is here to help – we are your one stop shop for professional dog training, whether your dog has training, behavioural issues or if you have other training needs or aspirations.

Our Training Facilities

We offer superb training facilities having access to two fully kitted out training venues, over 8 acres. 

Ideal for long recalls, sendaways, tracking, protection work, agility work and much more with a large indoor facility for when the weather is poor or its dark outside.

"your one stop shop for professional dog training in East Anglia"

About Us

With over 47 years’ multidisciplined experience covering most disciplines, NDTS can help you succeed whether your dog is large or small.

Our ambition is to help you achieve the very best from your ‘Best Friend’.

We firmly believe that ‘being good is good for business’ – check out the reviews on this site for statements from just a few of our very satisfied clients.

Our clients that come to us in Norwich from far afield, and are often redirected to us from other trainers and agencies as being experienced in dealing with dogs from the smallest to the largest.

Our Dog Training Philosophy

The dog training philosophy which we developed is centred around three key training principles which we call our ACT Dog Training philosophy or as we say at NDTS:

“It is not ABC it’s ACT!”

A.C.T. Dog Training encompasses tried and tested techniques to ensure you get the very best from your relationship with your dog.

The sooner you contact us, the quicker you can start forging a great relationship with your dog, whether you simply require a companion or have other aspirations.


Attitude: It is important to develop the right attitude, for you and your dog, as ultimately you want your dog to want to do it.


Consistency: Failing to be consistent results in confusion for you and your dog


Timing: It is important to deliver praise or correction at the right time – otherwise the ‘moment’ for learning is lost.

A Full List Of Services We Offer