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Security Dog Training

“Dog who provides a threat as well as an alarm…. he must have courage to stand his ground staunchly against anyone who tries to bluff his way past him”

Koehler, 1967

Developing Your Passion

Norwich Security Dog Training

Over the years we have heard many scary stories from people we have refused to train for this type of work.

Including: drug dealers, dog dealers, persons with absolutely no experience of dogs (intent on weaponizing their animals ), right through to unsuspecting individuals who have been wrongly advised by so called ‘guard dog trainers’, that they could allow ‘attack trained’ dogs to run around uninhabited commercial premises – juxtaposed alongside other persons who had been misled with similar sales pitches from dealers selling Dogue de Bordeauxs, Cane Corsos, various Shepherd dogs that have no understanding of the laws governing the use of security dogs and the risks involved (check out our blog page Personal Protection Dogs) .

Training Offered

Caveat – ‘We will not train just anyone to have a Security Dog’.

Training places huge responsibilities on the owner, depending upon the level of training required, and you need a dog of the right calibre.

Our credentials speak for themselves, as unlike so many ‘security dog trainers / suppliers’, our head trainer is qualified to the very highest level in Security Management:

Countless years managing security and safety risks within corporate, commercial, retail, public and community sectors (including the employment of Security Dogs).

What's Required?

Dog undertaking training must have rock steady temperaments and nerves, and be under the absolute control of its handler at all times. In essence it must be possible to ‘switch the dog off and on’. Training for this level takes time, effort and you need a dog with the right attributes for the work. Similarly the handler must have integrity and be an upstanding member of society.

‘Care & Attention Is A Must For this Type of Training’

Our Knowledge & Experience

Through having a detailed knowledge of the security industry and its services and having studied and employed the use of security dogs – with knowledge that is hard to match in terms of the strengths and limitations of using canines for security.

We are happy to share much of this knowledge with our clients.

For those who are serious about security and their own safety – requiring self-defence training, -we can put you in touch with one of our close associates, who is unsurpassed in delivering this type of training. This training can be fine-tuned to compliment the Security Dog training we deliver.


Masters’ Degree in Security Management (having carried extensive research into Security Dogs).

Fellow of the Security Institute; previously Member of the Institute of Security Managers, Fellow of the International Institute of Security.

Qualified Crime Prevention Design Advisor (NPIA).

Experience & Competitions

Security Surveyor (NACOSS & SSIAB companies) Developed cutting edge services that were finalist at the Security Excellence Awards. Lectured at IFSEC (NEC) and other venues.

Competed successfully in Security Dog Competition; been a Security Dog Assessor. First ever owner / trainer to represented the UK overseas with a non-GSD in Protection Dog competition (Schutzhund).

Experience includes dealing with armed offenders.

Get In Touch

Having weighed up all the pros and cons, the risks and responsibilities – then should you require a dog for security or personal protection, then please contact us.

Individuals and security officers working in high-risk environments may require levels beyond that of the ‘threat dog’ (one that barks / snarls on command) and may require a dog to become physically protective, should the psychological threat be ignored by criminals with serious intent.