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Ringcraft Dog Training

Dog showing is a sporting activity encompassing many people and all types and condition of breeds.  The number of exhibitors and their dogs runs into many tens of thousands each year”

HRH Prince Michael of Kent, 1990

Training For Show Dogs

Norwich Ringcraft Training

Have you ever considered showing your dog at Local shows or even Championship shows?

Entering the ‘show scene’ can be quite a daunting experience. But once you have overcome your fears, and got your dog well trained, it can be great fun and a rewarding experience (if you don’t take it too seriously) and will provide you with an addictive hobby with a great social life for many years to come. We have helped budding exhibitors at the local level and all the way through to Crufts. 

Having exhibited dogs at Championship show level (including Crufts) for many years (with two breeds) and having exhibited overseas with some judging experience to boot, NDTS can help you to get the very best out of your handling techniques to ‘WOW’ the judge.

Training Provided By:


1-2-1 Training: £45 per hour
Monthly group classes: £12 per lesson

How Is Training Provided?

1-2-1 training is our usual format for ‘ringcraft training’, but we will shortly be extending this to provide monthly group training for like-minded individuals. If you are interested in either, then please get in contact and we discuss how we can help.

‘Having exhibited at Crufts and overseas - we share this knowledge to help our clients’

Advocates Of Beauty & Brains

We have never taken the ‘easier’ route to Crufts, by owning and exhibiting ‘Show line dogs’. We have always followed the more challenging route, exhibiting powerful ‘working line’ animals – being advocates of ‘beauty and brains’ with regards to working breeds. Consequently, we are more than appreciative of the challenges this can bring when exhibiting dogs.

To find out more about our show dog training experience, visit our history page, where we discuss in more detail about our experiences that have shaped the training we provide.