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Advanced Dog Training Classes

“Dog Training Classes that are not prescriptive, where you can start pushing the boundaries in what YOU want to achieve”

Grahame Green MSc FSYI

A Step Up From The 8 Week Course

Norwich Advanced Dog Training Classes

While we hope everyone will go onto to our advanced classes, we realise that these are not for everyone – most people just seek a well-behaved companion.

But for those wishing to develop their skills further with refresher lessons or just wish push training boundaries having got ‘bitten by the bug’, we offer monthly refresher classes, bi-weekly, and weekly classes. 

What We Work On

Suitable For:

Those seeking a more rounded training experience to develop their dog’s abilities, be it in dog sports or more generally.


£12 Per Lesson 

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Who Is This Intended For?

These classes are for graduates of our 8-week course or for dogs that have undertaken 1-2-1 s – while quite structured, they are not as prescriptive as the 8-week class. Training is centred around what our students want go train for – covering elements from dog sports, obedience, working trials, agility, tracking, companion training, character tests – ideal for teams that want to have fun, learn more and do different things.