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Our Dogs

‘We are not obsessive, compulsive neither are we ‘dog dealers or collectors’, but we are most certainly enthusiasts that like to ‘walk the talk from time to time’… “While Dogs are not our whole life – they make our lives whole”.

Dogs Past and Present – over 47 years of Working Dogs Norwich

We have owned and worked BSD Malinois for well over 20 years, and Giant Schnauzers the 27 years before that. We have always owned, showed and worked – Working Breeds.

The sad fact of the matter is that there are few breeders of any breed out there, that have the knowledge and ambition to breed true working dogs that are healthy, beautiful and can fulfil the role the respective breed was designed to do. 

Sadly, there are countless ‘breeders’ that are more akin to being simply ‘dog dealers’ that churn out poor quality animals with health defects, poor temperaments that are not beautiful, neither are they suitable as working dogs – in effect just poor quality ‘pets’, that shouldn’t really be bred from – sadly the outcome can only be the decimation of once useful breeds. 

It is important to remember that true working dogs, do not make good prospects as pets for the typical family home. For further information check out our ‘guide to buying and acquiring a dog’ on this site.ownload our free ‘Guide to Buying or Acquiring a Dog’

Our Boy - Butch Cassidy

Jotunheim Butch Cassidy Von Zoltanika BH AD IGP1 KC Stud Book listed – ‘Butch Cassidy’ is arguably one of the largest and most powerful Working Line BSDs to have ever graced the Championship show circuit, standing at an easy 28 inches at the shoulder, and weighing in at a lean and muscular 40 Kg.

A True Pedigree

Belgian Malinois Stud Book Listed

Unlike many other Working Line BSDs out there, ‘Butch’ is a true pedigree, not a mixed breed (NB most Dutch KPNV line BSDs are mixes) and while we enjoy exhibiting – sadly, we do not have the time to campaign seriously.

For us, championship dog shows is the venue to occasionally ‘show off’ what we believe is a stunning well-bred ‘working Malinois’ to fellow BSD enthusiasts with ‘show’ dogs.

In his 5 Championship shows, our boy was placed 1st at LKA (post grad), 3rd Crufts (2022) (post grad); and under Belgium judge and BSD breed specialists took 1st Place in Open dog at the BSDA and at NBSDC (2022) shows being graded very good, being listed in the KC Stud book -qualified for Crufts for life.

Beauty & Brains

To boot, ‘Butch’ is both physically, mentally superlative and health and DNA tested: Eyes tested clear; Hips 4:4; Elbows 0:0; clear of all inherited genetic disorders. At his first IGP survey achieved the coveted BH, AD and at his second survey the IGP 1 qualifications – conforming to NDTS aspirations of having dogs with ‘beauty and brains’. 

Following the goals laid down by one of the breeds early pioneers Louis Huyghebaert (1894) who appreciated BSDs for what they were designed for – a true working dog. It is reported that when judging the breed for ‘both their working quality and beauty’ said “No more high rewards for dogs that are beautiful but not good”. Our ‘Butch’ loves and excels in protection work, he’ll shortly be entering his IGP 2 stake (when time and circumstances allow). 

He’s an extremely powerful dog with empirical evidence support being vouched for by individuals who have helped out with his training. To substantiate how many dogs do you know that have actually dislocated someone’s hip while in training!

'Norman Bates'

Our other little boy Norman, nickname ’Norman Bates’ after the film ‘Pyscho’ is a cracking little rescue terrier mix, who often helps us out with our training programs.

'Tasmanian Devil'

Our previous BSD (Malinois) Jotunheim Unit Von Zoltaninka BH, Sch l, Sch ll, Sch lll was the very first BSD to represent the UK in the World BSD IPO Championships (France) and was the first non-GSD to represent the UK in the World FCI IPO Championships (Italy) (2007). 

He was one of the highest placed dogs at the NASDU Security Trials which we entered for just a bit of fun (and would have won but for a technical issue). ‘Unit’ was a powerful hard-hitting boy that is still fondly remembered by many helpers – who still bear the scars. 

He had the justly earned nickname of the ‘Tasmanian Devil’ and remains one of the very few BSDs with an HD score of 0:0.

Our Working Giant Schnauzers

Prior to becoming BSD enthusiasts, we previously owned, worked and showed Riesenschnauzers for around 27 years.

The Early Years

Prior to becoming BSD enthusiasts, we previously owned, worked and showed Riesenschnuzers for around 27 years. As a school boy, our first Giant was taken from us at only 3 years of age, by a mystery illness (‘Woodlands Leaden Davina’). 

However, the seeds had been sown…. Our second Giant ‘Isara Jutta Von Zoltanika’ (HD 2:2) was shown a little, but became the top obedience schnauzer in the UK – her daughter Zoltanika Zamba followed in her mother’s footsteps and achieved the CDEx in Working Trials with some Championship show success, while her brother Zoltanika Zask (HD 1:1) was a guard dog that was occasionally shown and exhibited at Crufts.

Following my successes with Giant Schnauzers, I was duly asked to run the obedience section for the Schnauzer Club of Great Britain, becoming a committee member – posts that I proudly held for a number of years.

'Wareheim Leader Von Zoltanika'

After considerable research in the UK and overseas, I found a line of Giants originally from Belgium that represented the ideal of what I believe a Giant Schnauzer should possess – power, size, quality, soundness (physically and mentally) and working ability. 

Consequently, I imported, a fantastic male from the World Famous ‘Wareheim’ Specialist Kennels (moved to S Africa from Belgium): ‘Wareheim Leader Von Zoltanika’ who despite suffering a leg injury in quarantine, had success at Championships shows and was exhibited at Crufts (listed in the KC stud book), and while we trained him for Working Trials and Security Work, he was never seriously competed owing to the injury that affected the Scale exercise. 

Nonetheless he was a truly awesome lad, powerful, muscular, standing 28 ½ inches at the shoulder and topping the scales at 120 lbs and was the first of very few Giant Schnauzers to be assessed HD 0:0 in the UK. Two of his siblings in his homeland became breed Champions and qualified working dogs.

'Sawara Briggita Von Zoltanika'

Our last Giant ‘Sawara Briggita Von Zoltanika’ (HD 3:3) parents were both imports (the mother was a South African Champion from the Wareheim Kennel) she was worked, but not competitively and was shown with success at Championship shows and was exhibited at Crufts.

In the words of Giant Breed Expert ‘She could have won (sic) anywhere in the World under the right judge’. Under judges that appreciated the ‘true working image’ of a Riesenschnauzer and not the ‘fluffy teddy bear’ look that so often prevails today.