What sort of training should I do with my dog?

Norwich Dog Training School Retrieve Training

What training should I do with my dog? Norwich Dog Training School – What training should I do with my dog? I often get asked, what should I train my dog for or what would be appropriate? The thing is – do something you’ll both enjoy, but please be sensible about it and use a […]

Feeding Your Dog

Feeding Your Dog Norwich Dog Training School – Feeding Your Dog So much has been written about how dogs should be fed, and we would strongly recommend that anyone interested in researching this further should look up the B.A.R.F diet. Just think about this for a moment – for many thousands of years Canis Familiaris […]

Residential Dog Training

Residential Dog Training

Residential Dog Training Norwich Dog Training School – Views on Residential Dog Training We are not fans of Residential Dog training for most people (where you send your dog way for someone else to train), unless there are special circumstances. For the following reasons: If you don’t have the time to train your dog, then […]

Summer News Letter

Summer is here…..  Norwich Dog Training School – News Letter Summer is now upon us…. First things first…. The flea and tick season is now with us – make sure that your dog is adequately protected. Well, there has been a lot going on at NDTS, we had hoped to exhibit at Crufts this year, […]

Top 10 challenging ‘Breeds’

Top 10 Challenging ‘Breeds’ ‘we see people struggling with’ If you are thinking about acquiring a dog we would suggest you read the guide on this website to give you a few pointers as part of your research, and importantly remember the ‘nurture versus nature’ debate. In general, our advice is that if you want […]

Dog Training School

‘A well-trained dog is a pleasure to own and something to be proud of – a dog without training can be at best, an embarrassment or at the extreme, potentially dangerous’ Why Attend Dog Training School? Fun training provided in a positive, professional atmosphere to give excellent results Structured training to give you control and […]

Should I Train A Security Dog?

Firstly, our caveat – ‘We will not train just anyone to have a Security Dog’’, but please beware aware there are different levels of training from looking the part, providing a psychological deterrent, barking on command to becoming physically protective. See Our Security Dog Training Page Why Do People Consider Training A Security Dog? Statistics […]