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Norwich Dog Training School – Dog Gym and Fitness Centre

At NDTS we have always believed that dogs just like ourselves, need both physical and mental exercise to keep them happy, healthy and well balanced. Nothing really beats taking your dog out for a good run with some mental stimulation, exploring different places with exposure to different environments with some training thrown in. Alas, these days, there are plenty of people, who just cannot be bothered with this and simply pop their dog onto a treadmill and think that’s their ‘pets’ exercise taken care of for the day.

At NDTS, simple treadmill exercise just doesn’t cut it for us – and while ‘a run on treadmill’ is better than nothing, it doesn’t compare to proper exercise. For decades we have exercised our dogs by having them run next to a bike, and still do to this today. However, we appreciate that especially as we get older, this might not be for everyone and let’s not forget the numerous risks posed through poor weather, the fear of being pulled off your cycle (yes, we’ve been there and bought the T shirt) and this when juxtaposed with other concerns such as being chased by other peoples ‘out of control dogs’ amongst many of reasons are enough put many people off this activity.

To help our clients, who wish to get their dog as fit as a ‘butchers dog’ or to put another way to be ‘lean and mean’ – we are now offering access to our indoor and extensive outdoor ‘gym’ which we have aptly named our ‘activity centre’ as it comprises of hurdles, window jumps, catwalk (aka dog walk), ‘A’ frames, tunnels, scale jumps, long jumps (some can be extended to well over 12 ft). Weave posts, environmental apparatus, ‘hangman exerciser’ and much more with access to our indoor treadmill facility (useful when its wet outside). 

Our ‘Indoor & Outdoor Dog Gym’ is only available to our training clients. So, when you are booking either 1-2-1 training or attending our Classes, then please let us know whether you wish to book a half hour (£5) or a full hour’s (£10) use of our dog fitness facilities, either before or after your lesson. The ‘Gym’ is ideal for burning off some energy before training or after class for bit of fun and a reward to your canine pal.

Obviously, you are fully responsible for ensuring that your dog is fit, healthy and of an age that is appropriate for the equipment being used. It is your responsibility to check the equipment before use to ensure that it is safe enough for your dog, as we accept no responsibility for any trips, falls or injuries to you or your dog however caused – you will be using the facilities unsupervised.

It remains to say ‘Have fun getting your dog fit’.

Norwich Dog Gym