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Personal Protection Dogs

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Personal Protection Dogs

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We imagine that you are reading this blog because for some reason you are interested in Personal Protection Dogs…

But can we ask Why?..

Is it because of the breed you have –if so, then why did really buy this breed?

Is it your Ego?

Do you really need a protection dog?

Are you frightened? If so, do you think a dog will change this?

Have you considered speaking to the Police about your worries, learning self-defence or improving the security of your home or business?

There are so many misnomers in relation to Personal Protection Dogs – and it is not necessarily a good thing for you or your dog – especially if ‘things’ go wrong and  your dog bites someone and you’re found to be negligent in which case its not ‘Big or Clever’ and in all probability your dog will be put down and you will likely face criminal prosecution and civil litigation – are you ready for this?

A dog that has been trained to bite is no longer a ‘pet’ in the true sense of the word – and you will forever be living on your nerves, having to try to think about all the possibilities – the ‘what ifs?’

The following are just a few of the things you should seriously think about:…

Do you have a good understanding of the law in relation to the Dangerous Dogs Act, Guard dogs Act – what about Tort and Common Law? What’s your knowledge of insurance like, do you seriously think you will be insured ? The chances are you’ll be found wanting – if your dog has been trained to bite?

Do you have a dog that has been carefully bred – is it the right breed or type and does your dog carry the correct genes that you would hope to find in a proper working dog? Does your dog have a bomb proof character and is it both physically and mentally sound from health and character tested parents? Or is your dog a poorly bred cross breed or something that comes from a backyard or puppy farmer – bred by an individual who doesn’t have a clue as to what they’re breeding and for what purpose – except profit of course?

Do you really know what you are talking about or looking for?

1.  Do you want a dog that looks the part?
2.  Do you want a dog that barks on command?
3.  Do you want your dog to potentially bite someone?

1 and 2 above are relatively safe to train, and the psychological deterrent offered is no different to a dog that has actually been trained to bite. However, once you think about training for 3, then this really opens up a whole new can of worms for both YOU and YOUR Dog – as ‘he’s’ no longer a Pet!

I have personally owned Working Dogs for well over 48 years, and none of my dogs have ever been called upon to bite someone for ‘real’ – so the question is why do you need such an animal and what makes your risks so different to mine? However, unlike most people, throughout my career, I have actually been put in some quite tricky and potentially dangerous situations. I’ve experienced people who have pulled or tried to pull knives and other ‘potential’ weapons; I’ve even dealt with one guy who later, spent much of his life behind bars for attempted murder (stabbed some poor innocent soul many times). So while I‘ve never needed to call upon my dogs to bite someone, why do you? I accept, that while one or two dogs that I have helped to train have bitten someone for ‘real’ – these have been by far – in the minority – and they’ve been security dogs, not pets. So for most people, training dogs to reach the higher levels of protection work (3 above) is a waste of time, money and effort, and will indeed expose you to considerable risk.

As part of your research (because you really need to do this) you should seriously think about what you are contemplating. So to this end, we would strongly recommend that you read our ‘Guide to buying a dog’ on this site. Then after reading this, please check out our blog ‘Top 10 Challenging breeds’… is the dog you’re considering one of these? Do you have the knowledge, experience, strength of body and character to be able to train and mange one of these dogs properly? Or will you end up needing to rehome the animal, once you realise that you are out of your depth? After reading these, then please read our ‘security dog training section’ followed by our blog ‘What sort of training should I do with my dog?’

I do hope these articles make you think – not once but many times about the prospect of owning a Personal Protection Dog, having the ambition that by reading these articles it might just save you from making a very costly mistake. However, if after reading these articles, you still feel that you need and with good reason – a security or personal protection dog at either levels 1,2 or 3 then please let us know. But remember, once a dog has been trained, there is no going back and this is one of the reasons why the military often put down many dogs, once they have been retired. Please beware that there are countless people out there, and on the net – most of whom are not qualified to give you the sound advice you need to ‘enable you’ to make an informed decision – they simply want your money!