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Summer is here.....

 Norwich Dog Training School – News Letter

Summer is now upon us….

First things first…. The flea and tick season is now with us – make sure that your dog is adequately protected.

Well, there has been a lot going on at NDTS, we had hoped to exhibit at Crufts this year, but owing to the awful weather, we gave it a miss – we were simply not prepared to take the risk for a dog show. For us, we don’t regularly exhibit for reasons of priorities, time, other commitments and inclination. In fact, our boy has only been exhibited 4 times, and these all have been at Championship Shows. Winning a first in post graduate in 2021, taking 3rd in Post Grad at Crufts 2022 and he was then awarded first place in open class at two championship shows in 2022 which thankfully won our Belgium Malinois into the Kennel Club Stud book, so now there’s no real pressure on us to enter further Championships shows, as Butch Cassidy is now qualified for Crufts for life! Make no bones about it, our boy is quite unlike nearly all of the other BSDs being exhibited, as he’s every inch, a true working dog that is big, powerful and healthy – not your typical show dog.  For us, beauty without brains, has little value – the two must to go together. For this is what after all a Belgian Shepherd should be. Sadly, very few show dogs actually work – and most have neither the size, stature or power one would want in a true working dog.  

This year we organised another successful IGP Survey for our club, Yare Sports Dogs where one GSD achieved a BH qualification, a further GSD achieved UPr1, and two GSDs achieved FPR1 with our own dog achieving his IGP 1. A couple dogs just missed out getting their qualification, but the competition was far from easy as there were numerous trial distractions with mother nature throwing in a few more of her own for good measure, including deer and five low flying buzzards making a long and sustained noisy appearance (all of which are difficult to train for). Well done to everyone that achieved their hard won qualifications, and better luck to those that just missed out for next time.

Our NDTS classes and courses have been very well supported, we always get a great deal of satisfaction, seeing the tremendous improvements the dogs our courses make – which is a fitting tribute to the effort their owners make when training their dogs. For NDTS it is reassuring to witness dogs completing our courses, that are well on their way to being well mannered and controlled members of canine society.

Over the years, we seem to be witnessing a serious change in the types of dogs’ that people are buying these days, and would urge anyone considering to purchase a dog to read our ‘guide to buying a dog’ on this site and our blog ‘Top 10 challenging breeds’, rather than simply following fashion, watching the internet or listening to ‘hear say’. Many of the dogs we are seeing these days are very challenging for their owners, who in the main are at work all-day and besides most people are simply looking for a well-mannered pet or companion. Beware, but in simple terms ‘working dogs’ need a job to do; fighting and guard breeds have been bred for these traits (so they’re not the best prospects for pets). The caveat here is just take a look at the statistics for dog attacks and dog related fatalities. Many of these breeds, need careful training, lots of exercise – they will consume much of your time and effort – and you need confidence, space, funds and much more.

Sadly, many people are buying animals from dealers, that have little knowledge or care for the animals they are breeding – they are just interested in making quick cash with all too often fashionable breeds, as they jump on the ‘easy cash for little effort band wagon’. Once the sale is completed, they’ll refuse to provide help and support or any aftercare having the result, that in today’s disposable society. unfortunate animals will end up in rescue centres or worse.

Choose a breed and breeder carefully, make sure there’s official paperwork (pedigrees, registration documents etc) and health checks to support or you will risk expensive vets fees – heartache and a potential DNA test that may just prove, that ‘fido’ isn’t quite what you thought he was….

Have a great summer with your best friend.