Belgian Malinois Stud Dog

Belgian Malinois Stud Dog Norwich Dog Training School

Belgian Malinois at Selected Stud Sadly, there are far too many poorly bred, non-pedigree, non-KC registered, non-health tested so-called Belgian Malinois (BSD) being bred from by irresponsible dealers in the UK. Countless individuals are attempting to cash in on the recent media infamy this breed has attracted on YouTube and from the film industry – […]

The things some people will do to win a rosette….

The things people will do to win a rosette...

The things some people will do to win a rosette… Norwich Dog Training School – The things some people will do to win a rosette or gain a qualification…. What might surprise you are the things that some people will do to win a rosette or gain a ‘qualification’ with their dogs…. The love and […]

Pet Hates…..

Pet Hates – ‘Canine Influencers’(just like the Marmite Test – you either luv it or hate it…..) Norwich Dog Training School – Pet Hates Like most of you I guess, every day I see on my telephone’s ‘news feed’, various wonderous topics by people describing themselves as vets, behaviourists, groomers, dog experts, trainers and all […]

Summer News Letter

Summer is here…..  Norwich Dog Training School – News Letter Summer is now upon us…. First things first…. The flea and tick season is now with us – make sure that your dog is adequately protected. Well, there has been a lot going on at NDTS, we had hoped to exhibit at Crufts this year, […]

Top 10 challenging ‘Breeds’

Top 10 Challenging ‘Breeds’ ‘we see people struggling with’ If you are thinking about acquiring a dog we would suggest you read the guide on this website to give you a few pointers as part of your research, and importantly remember the ‘nurture versus nature’ debate. In general, our advice is that if you want […]

Dog Trainer Memorial

Memorial To A Good Friend and Fellow Dog Trainer John Westwood 3.2.40 – 18.1.21 It is with great sadness that we write to report that one of the Working Dog Group’s brightest lights has gone out. John was sadly taken from us on Monday 18th January after a long battle with cancer, so all of […]